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Курсы валют ЦБ РФ, руб.
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A large amount of sand delivered to customers by rail. From the central railway line LLC "Sands" connects its own branch. Because of this, the Russian railways can be delivered not only to our sand for long distances, but also in large volumes. Availability of rail scales for accurate shipment of sand.

Delivery is carried out

1. By bulk in open wagons, till 20 thousand m3 per month.

2. By buyer's trucks

3. By our road transport vehicles, load vehicles from 10 m3 to 25 m3.

4. Perform calibration of sand in 1.5 tons bigbag (delivered by road and rail's transport)

We are here:

address: Russia, 690106, Vladivostok city, Moskovskaya str. 1

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tel.: +7 (423) 242-99-33